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Customer  Testimonials

How have you been? I must say, when I called last week, it was a pleasure talking to you and John in shipping. You guys really take care of your customers and more of that is needed in this day and age.
Rick, Spring Grove Illinois

Just to keep you updated, over the weekend we tested the sample seal screws that you sent to us. We assembled them into a sample core with an insert that was held in by these screws. We then pressurized the core with air to 80 P.S.I. and held it there all weekend to see if it lost any pressure to tell us if it was leaking. Happy to say that it remained at 80 P.S.I. all weekend. Needless to say we are very happy with the performance of these screws. After this test we feel good about going in the direction that we are going. I believe you will be hearing from us in the near future. Once again thanks for all your help on this, it is greatly appreciated.
Fred, Rahway, New Jersey

I am very impressed with your team - this is perfect execution. This means a lot to me and all the operations team...
Dominic, Canada

Wow…I am super impressed!!!!  You guys did an amazing job & really came through.  I can’t say thank you enough!!!!
Juan D., CA.

We really appreciate all your help! Not only did you meet all our demands but it was a pleasure doing business with you-Thanks again.
R.J., CA

Zago's "dedication, excellent customer service, can-do/will-do attitude drove the sale and [made us] a customer for life. . . . We appreciate the assistance we received on this order, [and] the speed and skill [with]  which our Purchase Order was processed."
Thanks, Gail

We've started adding the covers to our machines now and refitting old units as they come in for service. So far so good will certainly stop so many coming back with broken switches. Thanks for all your help getting these to us so quickly, I'll certainly be in touch if we need anything else.
Robert.F., U.K

“They just completed tests today and the ZaGO seal passed with flying colors.  It was the best water seal of all, especially compared to 2 versions of…sealed switches (splash proof, not waterproof).”
Darren S., VA

“Thank you from all of us at ….Technologies.  We were in a bind and you came from far and beyond to make our order and deliver to us in more than a timely manner.  As I noted on our purchase order-our Production and Repair Operations personnel love ya, as do our customers who will now in turn receive their product.” 
Corina R., AZ

“Thank you for quoting right away!  Previously I couldn’t get straight answers from our other vendors for this item…it seems like they didn’t know their own products anymore…”
Bill D., MO

“The parts were perfect, way beyond my expectations.  There will be a lot of really happy engineers here to see your capabilities with a short lead time.”
Chris M., CA

“We received our order today; the boots are great.”
Marcelo P., NY

“You can pass this up the chain.  I know I am not a big customer and $2k or so a PO is not going to put ZaGO in the next step up business wise, but the service I have received so far has been excellent.  You have been very responsive to us and patient as we mulled over our options and made our decisions.  You would not believe how many companies I have sent web inquiries to and receive no response or response that makes no sense.  Many more seem to not respond to phone calls.  Thanks, again.”
Bryan P., MD

“I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the quick turn-around of components you worked on.  We try to align our companies with those who provide exceptional customer service.  Your representation of ZaGO was most professional and truly one to be proud of.  We were able to meet all our customer requirements without any loss time in the production area.  Again, thank you for your attention to this account.”
Judy Y., CA

“I really appreciate all your help with this order.  I see that the package is already out for delivery.  I think you saved us a couple of days because we can now assemble today and test for leaks over the holidays.  Otherwise we would have had to wait until we came back just to start the test, and then a couple of more days to perform the test.  I just wanted to say thank you.”
Mark R., PA

“We found the clear boot and black toggle boot to be the perfect fit for our project.  Thank you for your help.”
Jesus G., CT



Our philosophy here at ZāGO is that in today’s world the goal should not be to “arrive” but rather to constantly improve our manufacturing processes and products. We will continue to strive to find ways not just to meet our customers’ needs, but to always exceed their expectations.

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