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News Releases

At ZāGO we’re always staying ahead of the curve. To learn about our newest products and innovations and company news, click on the links and images below. Check back often for updates!

ZaGO Manufacturing Company Stays Globally Competitive By Installing Solar
( 5/6/2013 )

Yahoo! News
ZaGO Manufacturing Company Welcomes Reshoring Initiatives
( 8/27/2012 )

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Sealed! By ZaGO
( 5/15/2012 )

New Easy Installation for Rocker Switch Seals
( 4/9/2012 )

ZaGO’s New Crystal Tactile O-Ring Seals
( 9/18/2011 )

These Boots Are Made For Flying
( 8/2/2011 )

Yahoo! News
ZaGO Manufacturing Company
Makes Shocking Improvement to Microphone Technology

ZaGO's New Crystal Clear Rocker Switch Boots

March Madness Made in Newark

Yahoo! News
ZaGO switch boots:  Sealing protection
when IP-67 isn’t worth its salt

ZaGO keeps your equipment running

Zago Innovates Its Way Into The Heart
Of European Global Engineering Company


ZāGO Manufacturing Company unveils new
Switchboots Website

ZaGO Manufacturing Company
Gets Pizza Oven Maker Cooking Again


Breaking News!
ZaGO Manufacturing Company Covers up Circuit Breakers.


ZaGO Manufacturing Company Puts
Parking Revenue System Back in the Right Spot


What’s a Cheap, Easy Way to Curb Climate Change?
Seal the Leaks!

To Infinity – and beyond!
Infinity number of Switch Boots Colors

ZāGO Manufacturing Company Seals the Deal

Product Design & Development
We've Engineered the Ultimate Design In
Mission-Critical Switch Protection.
Product Design & Development  (9/1/09)

 Rubber Boots Protect Buttons and Switches  (7/30/09)

New Line of Panel Bushing Seal from Z
PneumaticTIPS  (7/2/09)

New ZaGO line protects switches
Gulf Industry  (7/1/09)

Panel Bushing Seal  (7/1/09)

Self-Sealing Screws/Bolts
RSLEADS.COM  (6/30/09)

Panel Bushing Seal Washers
Electrical Apparatus  (6/15/09)

ZaGO's New Line of Silicone Rubber Switch Boots
by Design World Staff  (March 18, 2009)





Our philosophy here at ZāGO is that in today’s world the goal should not be to “arrive” but rather to constantly improve our manufacturing processes and products. We will continue to strive to find ways not just to meet our customers’ needs, but to always exceed their expectations.

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