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Capabilities - Bonding

ZāGO has the ability to bond rubber to many different metal substrates. Our technology department has many years of experience working with the various methods of prepping and priming metal substrates to achieve maximum results. We take care to remove contaminants from the substrates surface so that an optimum bond may be achieved. After removing contaminants, the metal substrate is primed with a chemical adhesive. Once the adhesive is dry the metal substrate is protected to avoid contamination until they are used for molding.

ZāGO’s switch boots are manufactured with both a chemical and mechanical bond to ensure that the rubber will permanently adhere to the plated brass substrate. Utilizing this system our boots offer more protection against bond failures. Our employees are trained to properly handle and protect the plated brass inserts so that the bond integrity will not be compromised. Our customers can depend on long life and superior performance from ZāGO switch boots.





Our philosophy here at ZāGO is that in today’s world the goal should not be to “arrive” but rather to constantly improve our manufacturing processes and products. We will continue to strive to find ways not just to meet our customers’ needs, but to always exceed their expectations.

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